Dolthe 14, 5677

We are probably south of Lake Icavor now, but it’s difficult to tell since I cannot plot our exact position on a map, nor do I have a good map of this land. Perhaps if I understood Captain Hegherg’s navigation system I could draw a very accurate map. It’s been so long since I’ve been on the ship and had it explained to me, that I barely remember the way it’s supposed to work. We’ve traveled such a great distance in the past year, and are further south than the last time we passed south of Lake Icavor, that I’m really just guessing. However, considering what the locals at Kaluna gave as the distance to Sehol, I would guess we’re pretty close to passing south of Lake Icavor.

We found a body today. It was a man, stripped bare of everything valuable, including his clothes. Pelmarco said the rate of decay suggested the man died within the past week, but he couldn’t see anything to indicate who killed the man. It’s a beaten road too, so footprints are nearly impossible to find. We did the decent thing and buried the man. Someone might still be looking for him, but we shouldn’t leave the body out in the open.

Elendra’Tel believes we can find out who killed the person, but it would take us awhile. If there are brigands in the area like there were on the road we took to Sehol last year, it’s doubtful they’d approach us while we’re with the telefs. She suggested Rar take the telefs, and let the rest of us travel on foot for a few days. If we’re fortunate, whoever killed the man will avoid going near the telefs, but would try robbing what appears to be a group of helpless travelers.

I wonder if Elendra’Tel or Krista’Mil are capable of the same feat Tora’Sor accomplished the last time we confronted a group of brigands. Rendering the entire group unable to attack was very useful, and saved the rest of us from a potentially dangerous fight. It would be interesting to learn how that community has changed in the year since then, with the brigands imprisoned and no longer able to cause havoc.