Nebulum is a fantasy world set in a universe adjacent to our own, although it does not share the same characteristics. It is a world with thousands of years’ worth of history, cultures, civilizations, and people, detailed in a variety of short tales and lengthy stories.

The stories that take place in Nebulum began with events at the end of a lengthy sequence of prophecies. Since then, all the stories have begun to fill in details about what happened prior to that time. Although Nebulum started out quite extensive and detailed, each story expands the world a little more, explains previously mentioned oddities, and introduces new characters their endeavors.

Is there a planned sequence or order to these stories? Not really. They are written at the whims of Ben Hinks, the author. The next story to be written will take place in the time period he wishes to explore, very possibly with new characters.

It is now a decade since writing began for the first story. The lore of Nebulum is richly detailed and complex. However, most of the world has been largely ignored as most of the stories take place in just a small portion of Nebulum. This means there is much more exploring to do. There are places to go, people to meet, battles to fight, and so much more. Nebulum has grown considerably over the past decade, but the journey of the imagination has barely begun!