Dolthe 17, 5677

After several days wondering if we’d ever learn who killed the man we found on the side of the road, we finally got an answer. Five heavily armed men ambushed us this morning, emerging from their hiding spots to shoot arrows at us as we passed. Most of the arrows missed harmlessly, but Elendra’Tel fell with an arrow in her side. Bolts of lightning flashed from Krista’Mil’s hands, and the men fled. Pelmarco and I chased after them while Krista’Mil tended to Elendra’Tel’s injury.

As it turns out, only two of the attackers survived Krista’Mil’s lightning. We did not manage to catch them, but we did follow them as far as we dared. As soon as they entered a compound surrounded by a wall of stone, Pelmarco and I gave up the chase and returned to the road. By then, Rar, having heard the lightning, had arrived with the telefs. After seeing what happened to Elendra’Tel, Rar was ready for battle.

Rather than rush into anything, Pelmarco urged everyone to calm down. Elendra’Tel was only wounded, not dead, and we didn’t want anyone else to be hurt if possible. We knew where the attackers were hiding, and he believed they would stay there until they were sure it was safe, possibly several days. If there is to be battle, we will first take time to prepare.

Our current plan is to head toward the compound at first light. Tonight, however, we’re preparing. Rar and Krista’Mil concocted several rudimentary paints of red, black, and yellow. Rar claims that warriors always paint their bodies before battle to put fear into the hearts of the enemy. I’m not sure when he last went into battle, but perhaps he’s fought against the Huvudets before, or at least seen warriors departing his village to do so. I don’t think Pelmarco and I will paint our bodies, but Rar can paint himself however he wants. We will paint the telefs, though, and hope it makes them look trained for battle. Mo’Amu already looked intimidating because of her size, but after painting on some black and yellow stripes, she looks bred for war. I think she likes it.