Q: When did Nebulum first begin to take shape?
A: It started in the latter half of high school, probably in 2000. It started with the creation of the confusing Barbidon base-25 numerical system, and grew from there. One of my friends at the time helped come up with the original names and places like Tanarad and Panei. An alphabet was also created, along with the original maps and some sketches. The actual story writing started with an outline for Prophecy Fulfilled while working a night shift in December, 2004.

Q: What is the next story you will write?
A: When I have a chance to get started again, that will most likely be Part 2 of The Journals of Josloy, although I may get distracted and write a short side story or two.

About the Website

I design my own websites, although I do tend to build them on readily available content management systems. This website is now built in WordPress (I previously used CMSMS). The theme is my own design, built on a theme called BlankSlate that totally strips out the styling so I can design it myself.

I also make my own graphics. Both the parchment background and the bookmark used in the site theme are scans of the actual items, and edited as needed. The parchment came from Americana Souvenirs & Gifts. I am uncertain about the origin of the bookmark, or even if I still have it somewhere.

Font: Chantelli Antiqua -- This is the primary font used on this website. I find it easy to read, while still giving a slight calligraphic appearance.

Font: Aquiline Two -- This font is used very rarely on this site, and is meant to provide a handwritten appearance.