Dolthe 4, 5677

Some of the telef herd that’s been following us this whole time turned around today, and started traveling back the way we came. I expect they will look for a new bull. The ones we are riding, however, seem fine with Rar’s bull leading the herd. Pelmarco wonders if it’s Rar’s bull the herd likes, or Rar. I think the rest of our telefs just want to stay together, and go where we go.

I named my telef Mo’Amu months ago. Today I think Rar finally named his bull. He started singing a new song today about Rar and Gair, the Magnificent Pair. It’s impressive how easily Rar makes up new songs. I know I certainly couldn’t do it. Now that Mo’Amu and Gair have names, I wonder how long it will be until the others name their telefs.

It is storming tonight. We took shelter beneath a cluster of trees, but the telefs remain out in the open. They don’t mind the rain, and really can’t hide from the lightning and thunder. We are fortunate I was able to catch a deer before it started storming. It’s raining extremely hard, and I’d probably get lost trying to find my way through the wilderness on such a dark and stormy night without the two moons to guide me. The weather should clear up by morning, or at least weaken to a light rain.

The Sisterhood operatives are aware of my plan to continue east to Forada or Torheem, and haven’t decided if they want to begin their journey back to Atalan at Sehol, or wait until we reach the coast. They can easily get on a barge at Sehol, and sail down the Icavor River. They would reach the coast in several months, but the telefs cover enough ground that we would reach the coast almost as fast. I’ve tried several times to convince them to stay with my expedition, but they remain adamant that the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar needs to be informed sooner than later of their discoveries and the demise of Tora’Sor. I expect Rar will be going with them because of Krista’Mil. Without a rider for Gair, will we be able to continue controlling the herd of telefs?