Kilil 14, 5680

Morlo decided to travel with us to the next city, which shouldn’t take us more than ten days. He claims he desires the adventure of leaving the city where he lives, although some of us think otherwise. He and Alkaar spent quite some time last night in private conversation, and Tora’Sor thinks the two of them will attempt to catch the Sisterhood operatives using their arcane powers. It’s possible in this land that their arcane powers represent an evil threat, much like those of the Dark Lunari Mathol their ancestors fought at Nazada so many centuries ago, and Morlo and Alkaar might try to remove that threat. Personally, I think they’re all overreacting. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with this perceived threat, but Tora’Sor set out her many spoons in a circle around the place where she and Niahla’Sen will be sleeping tonight.

As we traveled today, Boktoseethet underwent what appears to be the most rigorous training he’s ever endured. I think this is because Morlo joined us, and Alkaar wants to make the training appear adequate to the elite soldier. I commented about it to Hibimage, but he said Boktoseethet has wanted to be a soldier since he was a boy. With the training he’s now getting, Boktoseethet will be a soldier by the time we reach Atalan, or give up with the resolve to attempt a different profession.

I noticed Kellon was carrying a larger load today, and inquired what additional supplies he’d obtained during our time in Banogoth. It turns out he needed to increase his supply of fresh parchment since he’s been keeping careful notes of our travels and the various tales we overhear. I don’t think he’s written enough to compare to my journals, but it’s still a significant bundle. Because Saval was isolated from the rest of the world for so long, I expect he’ll be interviewing quite a few people before we leave the kingdom.