Kilil 13, 5680

Banogoth is an odd city. Most of the inhabitants are Canari, the talking dogs, so most of the homes are actually lairs dug into the sides of hills. There are some Barbidons and people living in the city, so there are a few normal structures as well. Our first stop after entering the city was the market to find a few supplies for Tora’Sor. She wouldn’t mention why she needed that many spoons, but no one questioned her purchase. I know I certainly won’t dare to question the needs of a Sisterhood operative.

After the market, we went to the tavern, an experience beyond my capability to describe. Fortunately, Kellon has an interesting way with words. He called it a mixing bowl for the three races, a place where three cultures mingle and combine. Dawn called it a mess. There were furnishings to accommodate people, Barbidons, and Canari. Several Barbidons tended the bar, serving all who entered their establishment. They welcomed us, and seated us at a table near several Canari. For those of us with limited exposure to Canari, the talking dogs were quite distracting.

As Alkaar mentioned yesterday, we did get to meet a Guard Exemplar. Morlo has lived in Banogoth for quite some time, and seems to be one of Alkaar’s peers. They must know each other quite well considering the welcome Morlo gave us when Alkaar introduced us to the soldier. The man no doubt was around the same age as Alkaar, but instead of retirement, was still a man of arms. He listened intently to the tales of our travels, and told a few tales of his own. I noticed he showed an interest in Dawn, but probably because of her differences instead of any distrust or desire for vengeance.

We are spending the night at an inn, although it hardly seems like an inn to us. It’s owned by a Canari named Gorvex, and resembles the homes of the Canari. Although the place is furnished for people, it’s still just a hole in the side of a hill. This is probably the strangest inn where I have ever spent the night.