Kilil 20, 5680

Every night since we left Banogoth, Tora’Sor set out her spoons in a circle around her and Niahla’Sen before sleeping. The rest of us couldn’t comprehend why she performed such an odd ritual, but last night we learned why. Alkaar and Morlo finally decided the two Sisterhood operatives with their arcane powers were a threat to Saval, and decided to take action while the rest of us were asleep. It turns out the spoons were a trap. As soon as they passed over the boundary, Tora’Sor’s arcane powers accosted the two soldiers with the many spoons. The two soldiers turned to flee. They are fortunate Tora’Sor chose to use spoons instead of knives.

As she is apt to do at the most unexpected times, Zhethou appeared and blocked the path of the two soldiers. Neither has seen a Lunari, nor are the Lunari regarded as more than myth in this land. While the rest of us bowed in respect, they both made the mistake of believing the figure of light was just another of Tora’Sor’s tricks. They soon learned otherwise.

It turns out Zhethou intervened for two reasons. First, she didn’t want the two soldiers spreading a panic through the kingdom. If they had, our journey would become extremely dangerous as the entire land sought to kill us. Zhethou explained the arcane powers of the Sisterhood operatives to the two soldiers so they understood the origin of the powers. She then spent some time in private conversation with Morlo. He told us today she ordered the addition of five hundred soldiers to the ranks of the Guard Exemplars during the next selection in three years. Such an increase is unprecedented, and is five times greater than the largest selection on record. Morlo said it will be difficult to convince the other Guard Exemplars to go along with the order, but Zhethou said she would appear at the next Guard Exemplar council meeting. It’s too bad I won’t be able to see the looks on the faces at that appearance.

With the Lunari finally showing an interest in Saval for the first time in thousands of years, Morlo believes he and Alkaar will live long enough to see interesting things take place.