Falil 21, 5678

We’re once again at the area by the mouth of the Toram River where we spend a lot of time crossing marshes, streams, and rivers, which means we’re getting close to Torheem. It’s also practically winter here, so nights and cloudy days are cold. The weather also gives us problems. It rained almost constantly the past two days, making it difficult to cross any rivers. Right now, it’s just a light rain, so I hope the storm is almost over.

Traveling in this rain is not healthy. I’ve noticed several Red Exemplars with minor coughs. Niahla’Sen provided them with medicine, but I’m unsure if it’s effective or not. For all I know, it might just provide a temporary suppression of symptoms. Dawn, however, does something different. As soon as she noticed someone coughing, she picked a strange type of grass, and began chewing on the leaves. She claims it will keep her from also getting ill. I tried one of the leaves, but the flavor was rather bland with an unpleasant aftertaste. She might know something of medicinal value, but Niahla’Sen claims it’s a superstitious practice Dawn picked up during her travels by watching someone else do it.

One of the Red Exemplars speared a zaaf today. The odd creature has a long neck and front legs, but short hind legs. The long neck allows it to eat leaves that are high in the trees. Zaafs are unable to run fast because of their short hind legs, but they often spot danger while it’s still far away. Because of this, several other types of horned animals tend to congregate near zaafs. If a zaaf warns of coming danger, these other animals are able to anticipate the danger and protect the zaafs.