Solil 7, 5678

We reached Torheem today. It rained as we entered the city, so we didn’t have the warm reception we had last year. I think Dawn preferred this since she doesn’t like large crowds of people. We took her into a tavern for lunch, and while she tolerated the other patrons, we had to sit at a corner table where she kept her back to the wall the whole time. What really made it hard for her was everyone staring at her since they’d never seen a Huvudet before. She really stands out among people. I should have asked for a curtain around our table.

The Red Exemplars are bringing a lot of business to Torheem. They have the smiths forging them new armor and weapons to match the embellishments on the sword Pelmarco brought back from Nazada. I expect he’ll have a new sword forged too, and have the ancient sword placed in a museum somewhere, perhaps in Atalan if he ever journeys that direction. They also bring more business to the local taverns and other establishments.

Since the Red Exemplars plan to stay in Torheem for several weeks, the rest of us need to decide what we plan to do. The Red Exemplars won’t be joining us for any exploration, so Pelmarco will be leaving my expedition. That leaves Niahla’Sen and Dawn. I know Dawn plans to go wherever I go since she wants to show me the ‘passage’ mentioned in the thirty-fifth prophecy. She claims it’s somewhere far to the west, so it will take quite some time to get there. As for Niahla’Sen, what else remains for the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar in this land? They already know the truth behind the origin of the Dark Magicians, which they previously claimed as their purpose to join me. Niahla’Sen also didn’t want to go to Nazada, and she didn’t seem interested in Dawn’s interpretation of the circular glyph. That doesn’t leave her with many reasons to continue with me and Dawn.

I decided to show Niahla’Sen what I’ve already written on this page to see how she responded. She said I used to see too much, but now I don’t see anything. I guess it’s easier for Sisterhood operatives to keep secrets when it’s just one of them. She’s going with us, but I really wish she’d give a reason why.