Jurthe 7, 5677

The cave with the Huvudet paintings is too great an extensive labyrinth for us to explore fully in the short time we have. It descends too deep for any of us to feel comfortable, and contains many halls and chambers. The painting, however, appeared to be a piecework with different sections finished at different times by different painters. The paintings toward the front of the cave were faded, but as we continued deeper into the cave, they were fresher, and contained more colors.

We think the paintings depict more of the Huvudet myth about Dusk and Dawn maintaining the balance since they started with the four towers, and the birth of the first Huvudets. Quite a few things happen as the paintings progress, but eventually we made out an event that was most likely the defeat of Great King Darthan at Nazada. Some of the soldiers fighting against the Great King appeared to be Huvudets. Rar was not at all happy with that since it means the Huvudets are somewhat responsible for his tribe living in the jungle. Shortly after, however, the Huvudets were doing things like fighting dragons and the minions of Mathol. If one had the time, it might be possible to find correlations between many legends and these paintings.

As we moved farther into the cave, Krista’Mil began to complain that she sensed we were not alone. However, we never saw anyone. All we saw was wall after wall covered with the detailed historical paintings. None of it bothered us too much until we got to the end.

The end of the paintings depicted a Huvudet child raised by men. Lonely, the Huvudet set out in search of its own people, traveling across the land and back, but only found a cave filled with the history of its people. The Huvudet waited, but none of its kind came to the cave. Finally, five people riding telefs appeared on the horizon. Two were women, two were warriors, and the fifth, a man with an aura painted around him. We knew these had to be us. The paint was still wet, and fresh pots with the pigments were on the floor of the cave. If the Huvudet was still around, which we believe it was, it remained hidden.