Jurthe 8, 5677

We’re continuing to Sehol. There is no point in continuing our search for a Huvudet who remains hidden. My question is what does the Huvudet see in us that would make us a worthwhile addition to its story? Why was my figure in the story depicted with the brilliance around it? I guess it might have something to do with Dawn brightening the darkness to bring about the fulfillment of prophecy, but I only plan to search for a passage since prophecy suggests there is one, not attempt actually defeating the Dark Magicians. Besides, wouldn’t the Huvudets we met near the Razhin Jungle have said something if they could see my purpose? I hope the Huvudet who painted us into its story catches up with us and explains. However, I did leave a crude map showing where the Huvudet would meet more of its own kind. Perhaps that will help it.

Since we’re traveling northeast now, we’ll be crossing the small ridge between the Icavor and Toram Rivers in a little more than a week, and already the terrain is becoming more hilly. I’m not sure why I decided we’d return to Sehol instead of traveling to the coast. The last time we were in Sehol, just over a year ago, the spectacle of the sword of Gulith the Barbidon made us the center of attention, and it took us almost two weeks to get out of there. Perhaps I’m just curious to see what they’ve done with the sword since then.

Rar is singing a new song today, no doubt influenced by the paintings in the cave yesterday. I don’t think even Pelmarco liked it. Rar sang about how he would lead the village of Razhinoch into battle against Puv’l Ewoy, and trample the ancient foes of Razhinoch with telefs. I think we’ll need to tell him it’s better to make and maintain peace than reopen forgotten wounds from ancient history. The telefs don’t mind the song. He sings, and they bellow. It’s as simple as that.