Solil 28, 5675

Considering how far-fetched Ervah’s tales seem to be, I am always surprised to learn they are true. The sun was just peeking over the horizon this morning when Elendra’Tel gave a warning signal from the rear of the ship. As everyone hurried to investigate the cause of the alarm, we could hear banging noises on the hull of the ship. Within moments, the creatures were crawling onto the deck.

Elendra’Tel was the first to engage the creatures in combat. The other Sisterhood operatives, the soldiers, sailors, and Pelmarco quickly joined in the fray, and drove the assailants from the ship. I, ashamedly, crouched down and hid.

The dark, ragged skin of these naked creatures was scaly, cold, and clammy. Colorless, empty eyes gazed into oblivion. Torn fins flapped instead of feet at the end of their legs, and membrane stretched between their gnarly fingers. The rasping shrieks emanating from their mouths could send a shiver down the spine of the bravest soldier.

The fight was over as fast as it started. We lost two soldiers and a sailor, but the enemy suffered greater casualties. We spent the rest of the day cleaning the deck and learning more about this obscure enemy.

Ervah had mentioned them briefly several days ago, but Tora’Sor had the most answers. They were Awa once, she explained, tortured, corrupted, and bred for evil by the Dark Lunari long ago. Similar in nature to the Dark Magicians, but lacking any of the arcane powers, these twisted Awa sense the powers in others, and lurk in obscure waters waiting for ships carrying such people. With the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar sending operatives on this voyage, these darkened Awa came out of hiding. Tora’Sor claimed they were following us at least since Perduva, and maybe even longer. If more are out there waiting for us, I don’t know if she cannot or will not say.