Solil 25, 5675

We beached the ship today because of a massive thunderstorm. Ervah claims we probably wouldn’t have any problem maintaining course, but considering the reputation for shipwrecks the Bay of Ivil garnered over the centuries, beaching the ship was the best way to keep the anxiety levels down for those of us who are passengers. Captain Hegherg expects the storm to clear by tomorrow morning, so we’re stuck here until then.

The Sisterhood operatives, however, are a different story. Their agitation over the past week has steadily increased. They are maintaining a constant watch over the surrounding water. It’s as if they expect something to swim up and attack us at any moment. They are also very jumpy, especially every time lightning strikes nearby. I did see Krista’Mil point out something in the water to Tora’Sor, but all I could see was a shadow come and go. It was probably just a wave moving over a rock, although it certainly moved with a lifelike creepiness.

Taking full advantage of our status, Pelmarco and Ervah told some gripping tales around the campfire while the storm raged around us. Pelmarco told about an encounter he had with the Dark Magicians years before. As lightning flashed and thunder roared in the dark sky long ago, he slowly made his way toward the fortress. It was a dare from a fellow soldier, to see how close he could get that night. A stampede of Dark Magicians suddenly poured out from the fortress. Pelmarco ran, hoping they would lose him in the dark rain. Unfortunately, he tripped and fell beside a soldier killed in battle earlier that day. The stampede of Dark Magicians stopped, but only when the Dark Magician in the lead stood on Pelmarco’s back. Scared witless, it was all Pelmarco could do not to move. Fortunately, the Dark Magicians soon gave up the search, and returned to their fortress.

Ervah never actually finished his story. He started to tell about raging hordes of shadowy fishmen crawling from the sea. Tora’Sor walked over and slapped him, saying to never to speak again of such nonsense. I wonder if something similar is what has the Sisterhood operatives so riled up.