Dolthe 15, 5680

Not much remains after a successful Barbidon dragon hunt, but there is enough for us to determine it was a dragon. It’s been about three months since we last saw the Barbidon hunters, but today we discovered their success. The skeleton of a great dragon filled a clearing, skinned by the hunters and scavenged by other beasts. Some of the creature was still decaying, so the stench kept us from loitering in the area for long. Niahla’Sen tried to find a tooth, but it seems the Barbidons already took everything of value. She did take a few other samples, but I decided it was best not to ask why.

We ended up camping near a stream upwind of the dragon carcass to avoid the smell. However, it’s raining hard tonight, so we might need to move our camp farther up onto a hill to avoid any flooding. Hibimage said he doubts the rain is hard enough to flood this stream, but we don’t want to be caught unprepared.

I’m beginning to think Boktoseethet feels awkward around Niahla’Sen. She’s his stepsister, and he doesn’t seem to know how to deal with meeting a new, unexpected relative. It seems he tries to treat her as he might treat any other person, but at the same time he’s cautious not to do anything that might change her opinion of him. Niahla’Sen might not notice, but it affects the rest of us who deal with his sudden change of personality every time she is near him. I might mention it to Hibimage and have him talk to the boy.

As it rains tonight, Dawn told some tales of her childhood. One that we found rather amusing involved her education. When the schoolteacher in Aguna was teaching about right and wrong, she used black and white as an analogy. She then asked for an example of something that was neither right nor wrong, and several students immediately mentioned their gray-skinned Huvudet classmate, Vanta’Zar. Dawn said that was the first time she realized just how different she was from everyone else. Since then, she’s learned the Huvudet mythology, and said if the class knew what she knows now, they’d understand why she was different from them.