Solil 8, 5678

I’ve decided I can’t afford horses, and I really don’t want to use Prince Nomolo’s endorsement letter to requisition items of such value. We’ll have to walk. Niahla’Sen didn’t seem too thrilled with the idea of walking all the way across this land, but she didn’t openly object. I did stock up on parchment and several writing tools, and hope I have enough for Dawn to draw pictures when she feels like it. I also purchased new clothes, and some boots for Dawn. The boots I purchased in Sehol about two years ago are still in decent condition. Niahla’Sen purchased a few obscure things, possibly medicines, but won’t tell me what they are.

It’s interesting to see how people react to Dawn at the market. They don’t know what to think because she’s so different. Several vendors ended up giving her items because they thought she might do something bad to them if they didn’t. Several others noticed her from down the street, and quickly closed their stalls as we approached. People stop and stare everywhere we go. We’re very strange to them, a man and woman who obviously are not married, traveling together with a Huvudet, which they’ve never seen before.

We’re planning to leave Torheem tomorrow morning. Dawn hates this place because of all the people, and the other two of us see no reason to prolong our stay. I told Niahla’Sen she had to tell me why she wanted to continue on my expedition. She claims I’m more likely to succeed if she accompanies me than if I were to journey on with just Dawn. She also said if I feel uncomfortable being alone in the wilderness with two woman, she would hire a young man to keep me company. I declined the offer. I’m not sure if she was being serious or sarcastic. If she’s willing to invest enough to convince someone else to join the expedition, then the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar must have a major interest in the expedition or something they expect me to find along the way. I know previously they wanted to learn about the origins of the Dark Magicians, but I can’t guess what they might want to learn now. I wonder if Dawn might have an idea on the matter.