Solil 5, 5679

We chanced upon what appeared to be a hunting party of villagers from Razhinoch today. The strange part was we didn’t recognize them. The village of Razhinoch isn’t very large, with only a few hundred people, and after several days one tends to begin recognizing the different faces. These, however, were different, and appeared to have different customs. It turns out Razhinoch is not just a single village, but also a region containing a large number of small villages in the area. Most of them are well hidden so we’d never notice unless we passed right through the center of them. The village we’ve visited twice now is the primary village, the center of the entire region, and essentially rules the jungle. The new hunters joined us for the day, claiming it’s for our protection, but I think it’s because they just want to socialize with strangers. They saw the bright flash of light two weeks ago, and are very interested to learn its cause. They weren’t very happy to see Dawn.

Kar and Tezar plan to spend the night with the hunting party. I assume they will help with some hunting, but these jungle dwellers are so secretive that they don’t give much explanation for the things they do. I suppose we’ll see them again in the morning. I personally don’t see any reason why they need to go hunting. We have plenty of food, and have no problem obtaining more when it’s needed. The jungle is filled with edible plants and animals, so extensive hunting isn’t necessary. It might be different when trying to provide for an entire village, however, so I won’t argue the point.

Since we’re following the river, I’ve taken the time to do some fishing. I already know there’s a decent population of spoonfish, as we learned during our previous journey through this jungle, but there are other fish I didn’t know about. One such fish was very odd looking, with a very narrow snout that ended in two tentacles. The fish was about the length of my arm, and colored brown with black splotches. When I set the fish on the ground beside me, it was able to use the tentacles to pull itself back into the river, leaving behind it a trail of slime. I’ll need to add this fish to my list of the ones that got away.