Solil 30, 5677

We returned to the telefs today. I think they weren’t expecting us to come back after leaving them alone for several day, so they wandered off a bit. Finding them was not difficult; we just needed to follow the trail of uprooted trees. Mo’Amu certainly appeared pleased to see me again, and Pelmarco’s telef was pleased to see him. I think Gair was wondering why Rar was not with us, but Niahla’Sen seemed to befriend him when I showed her how to scratch its head and mount it. It will probably be a few days before she understands how to control the massive bull, but we still managed a small amount of progress today.

Niahla’Sen told us about her return to Atalan. They traveled as I expected, and sailed west along the coast of Etnyben, and then north to Tanarad. They did encounter a na’karden along the way, but the powers of the two Sisterhood operatives aboard the ship were enough to keep it away.

When they arrived and informed the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar about the new information gathered from the Dark Magician they captured, specifically the information about the origins of the Dark Magicians, the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar was unsure what to do. To make matters worse, the Great King first learned about it after Prince Nomolo shared my journal with him. The resulting inquiry into the matter was quite scandalous, and was the center of attention throughout Tanarad for several months.

Niahla’Sen ended up with the task to return to Etnyben to search for and aid the rest of us. The Great King now supports my expedition since it brought him useful information, although he stops short of officially endorsing it. I think he remains convinced that the Dark Magicians are a problem for the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar to solve, not for the Great King and his armies. I believe he remains skeptical that I can succeed.