Solil 28, 5678

After our trip to Nazada, I don’t like snow and ice. With that in mind, guess what we traveled through today! The storm started sometime during the night, so we awoke to a white landscape. It continued snowing all day, and tonight I think it’s starting to finally clear up. Unlike the journey to Nazada, where the snow packed down into ice or just continued blowing along the surface, the trees and other terrain features in this region let the snow accumulate. Walking through knee-deep drifts is tiresome, and slows our progress, especially when it’s a heavy, wet snow.

I didn’t always dislike snow. We usually had a few snowstorms each year in Sodoo. It wasn’t as thick and frequent as farther north in Bagda, but we enjoyed the options is gave us. The entire city would come to a standstill, and people would congregate in the streets. Massive snowball fights took place. Once the city held a contest to see who could build the nicest snow castle, similar to the small castles people would build in the sand along the beach. I never won, but it was still a fun event. Here, however, the snow just isn’t very fun. Niahla’Sen doesn’t help matters either. Dawn was playing, and threw a snowball at Niahla’Sen, so Niahla’Sen threatened to throw a fireball at Dawn. I ended up telling both of them to stop acting like children. I don’t mind having fun, but people like Niahla’Sen ruin it for the rest of us.

Everything is quiet now. Food is cooking, the tent is ready, Dawn is off in the woods doing whatever she likes to do, and Niahla’Sen is reading an old parchment she usually keeps hidden. Perhaps someday I’ll find out what it is written on her parchment, but tonight she doesn’t seem in a very good mood.