Solil 25, 5679

The two Red Exemplars who Yolo permitted to accompany us out of the jungle and travel to Forada will depart tomorrow morning. They will travel east while the rest of us continue southwest. Kellon decided to continue traveling with us instead of following the two Red Exemplars. Tora’Sor also decided to continue traveling with us, most likely because she desires the company of her fellow Sisterhood operative, Niahla’Sen, as she recovers from her ordeal.

Prince Nomolo and Hudena’Sor, I believe you will find these pages of my journal as adequate, interesting, and educational as the previous pages I’ve sent. From our near demise at Nazada to the rescue of Tora’Sor, we’ve traveled long and far across this great land. The hardships we’ve braved, the friendships we’ve forged, and the sacrifices we’ve witnessed should not be in vain. All of us continuing on this journey hope with all sincerity that our efforts lead to the final defeat of the Dark Magicians.

I realize it is not my place to be involved in political affairs, but Dawn and I request that Great King Derkias learn of the deteriorating relations between Razhinoch and Puv’l Ewoy that he might consider intervening before tensions between the two cities lead to a catastrophic war.

As we press on toward finding the prophesied ‘passage’ in this land, I will continue to keep a record of our travels. Since I doubt there will be opportunity to send back more pages of my journal, my plan is to present them to you in person upon our success and return to Atalan. Until then, may the Lunari bless you both.