Solil 14, 5679

We’re at the fork in the river where we can head southeast toward Kaluna or southwest like the first time we passed this way. Kar and Tezar don’t care which direction we go, but only Kellon wants us to return to Kaluna. The rest of us want to go southwest. With Niahla’Sen still recovering from the most recent depletion of her powers, Tora’Sor will need to burn our path until we’re out of the jungle. It’s not a problem though. She’s sufficiently recovered from her ordeal, and would rather we continue searching for the prophesied ‘passage’ than take her back to Forada or Torheem to board a ship for Atalan. I think what worked most to sway Tora’Sor’s opinion in this matter is that Dawn already knows where the ‘passage’ is located. She can lead us there, so why would we want to add another year or two backtracking?

Kellon now has Kar and Tezar telling him stories of the jungle and their mythology. Either he gave up on writing a book about Pelmarco, or he’s collecting enough material to write several books when he returns to civilization and the Council of Adaptive Writing and Publishing. It’s interesting to listen to their stories.

One of the tales they told today stood out among the others. Tezar mentioned an ancient legend of unknown origin that a king would arrive one day riding on the mightiest of beasts. Upon hearing this, I began asking what other characteristics this coming king might have. Would he be wearing the hide of a jeket? Would his spear be greater than all other spears? Would he arrive with a queen? Kar and Tezar didn’t know for certain if any of these characteristics applied, since the ancient legend didn’t mention more than the mightiest of beasts, but guessed such things might be possible. I decided not to tell them about Rar riding the telef.