Soldes 25, 5677

It’s currently autumn back home in Bagda, and soon to be winter. Here in the south of Etnyben, it’s spring. It was a mild winter for us as we traveled south from the equator, but the further south we go, the spring slowly grows colder. Fortunately, I know it’s going to soon warm up down here. The only downside is I know it won’t last. We’re maintaining this course until we reach Nazada, the ruins of the ancient fortress of the Dark Lunari at the bottom of the world. I cannot yet say what type of clothing we’ll need to brave such frigid temperatures, but we should be able to obtain necessary provisions when we reach Mazin.

Pelmarco told an interesting story tonight, the tale of how he joined the Red Exemplars. When he was a young man, no more than seventeen years of age, he volunteered against his parents’ wishes to accompany the army of the third Great King Derkolo against the Dark Magicians. As the army gathered over the following year, small skirmishes broke out with the Dark Magicians as soldiers ventured too close to the fortress. One of these skirmishes left Pelmarco’s leg badly wounded, but a Red Exemplar rescued him, and carried him back to their camp. As they tended to Pelmarco’s wounded leg, he expressed a desire to join the Red Exemplars. One Red Exemplar laughed, and said only a Lunari could grant him that honor. Pelmarco replied that asking would be the first thing he did if he ever met a Lunari. All the Red Exemplars laughed, claiming he would fall to his knees in terror at his first glimpse of the brightness. Moments later, a bright light filled the camp, and a Lunari appeared among them. Pelmarco stood up, injuring his leg further, and stated his request while all the Red Exemplars bowed. It was Zhethou, who fortunately has a sense of humor. She declared that Pelmarco demonstrated more courage in that one instant than all the other Red Exemplars.

Pelmarco said the Red Exemplars quickly invited him to join their unit, but he first received a warning from Zhethou before she left, that he’d better bow the next time he ever saw a Lunari. I guess this explains his statement about Zhethou honoring him a second time while at Akmetan.