Soldes 23, 5678

Several of the strange deer we found at the start of the month have followed us all this way. Dawn thinks they’re just curious, but Niahla’Sen claims they’re going to attack us in our sleep one night. As far as I’m concerned, the deer are just wandering as they naturally would, since their food source still grows in this area. It’s possible they think of us as possible protection from predators, but I doubt it. Their sharp teeth are protection enough. What predator would dare pick a fight with something that could bite it back?

We came across a marker stone today. It has two distances pointing back the way we came, so I’m guessing the statue we encountered last week marked a crossroads, and we must have missed the ruins of a town somewhat further back from there. It would take many explorers a long time, but I would find it interesting to see a map showing all the ruins of this land. It might then be possible to extrapolate where the ancient roads and other hidden ruins are located.

I think something is troubling Niahla’Sen. When I returned to our camp carrying the four rabbits I killed tonight, I noticed she was crying. She quickly regained her composure when she saw me, and hid the old piece of parchment she keeps with her. It must be a letter from someone she misses dearly, or contains bad news she can’t deal with until we finish this journey. I tried to be as delicate as possible when asking about it tonight, but she wasn’t very forthcoming. She merely said it wasn’t my business, and the situation would eventually sort itself out. Dawn commented that anything affecting one member of the expedition affected all members of the expedition. Dawn also said I shouldn’t be too intrusive into the personal lives of others. I think Dawn only feels that way because she’s spent so many years alone. I hope this doesn’t get to the point where I need to leave Niahla’Sen behind.