Soldes 15, 5678

Etnyben is a wide land of small towns and villages spread far apart. However, it seems almost everywhere we go there are ruins. It is quite evident that Etnyben was once heavily populated, which supports the many ancient legends mentioning the same thing. However, this once-thriving land of civilization came to an abrupt halt when the white plague from Nazada spread across the land, killing almost everyone. Since then, many of the ruins succumbed to time, but some remain for us to rediscover, often where we’d least expect to find something.

We found one such relic of ancient times today, a rough statue, possibly of Great King Darthan, showing the wear of its age. Four short pillars, none taller than my waist, surrounded the statue. The remains of an ancient road were visible in the area, but were not complete enough for us to follow. We guessed the statue was of Great King Darthan because history records his involvement in grandiose projects. He had many roads built throughout Etnyben and other lands during the seventeen years of his reign. History and prophecy, however, were unkind to the Great King. In keeping with his flair for grandiosity, Great King Darthan gathered the largest army the world ever saw, even to this day, and marched it to Nazada. The defeat of that army, as foretold by prophecy, was just as grandiose. Great King Darthan lost his life during the battle, and his army fled in shame. Few descendants of those soldiers remain, and history no longer distinguishes them from anyone else. The exceptions are the people living at Razhinoch. They claim to be direct descendants of those soldiers, and continue to hide in the Razhin Jungle. I hope Rar one day returns to the village, and frees the people from their undeserved shame.