Ranthe 25, 5678

After talking to Dawn yesterday, I spent all night with a single question bothering me. How did she manage to communicate with the ice monster who cannot speak? It grunts and roars, and I think it tried telling me its name was Grrerrgkzh, but nothing was actually understandable. Today, however, I noticed something interesting. Instead of speaking directly to Grrerrgkzh, Dawn would draw a picture in the dirt on the floor of the cave, and show that to the ice monster. It responded by drawing its own pictures. I expect I will watch a lot of this before I am able to talk with Grrerrgkzh using my own pictures.

Dawn, however, is different. She is fluent in my language, and actually cannot speak the language of the Huvudets. A couple in Aguna found her orphaned, and raised her. She eventually ran off to find other Huvudets, but despite traveling across this great land several times, was unsuccessful in her years of searching. When she found the cave with the Huvudet cave paintings, she finally discovered her heritage, and stayed there for several months. At the end of that time, we found the cave, and she realized my purpose in the land. Dawn claims she found the ‘passage’ I seek, and will take me to it.

I was most curious how Dawn managed to keep up with us for so long since even a person on horse would not be able to keep up with the telefs. She explained that she did have a horse, and actually didn’t keep up with us most of the way. She was able to anticipate our destinations, and took several shortcuts. She caught up with us several times, a remarkable feat, but spent most of the journey falling behind. When we rode horses southwest from Torheem, she was finally able to keep up with us, although she remained hidden. Her horse now lies dead on the ice outside, waiting for Grrerrgkzh to eat it.

I told her I know where the other Huvudets live, but she said after years of being alone, it would be difficult for her to adjust to being around that many people.