Ranthe 22, 5678

As we approached Nazada early today, we began to notice something odd. There were holes in the ice where something dug down and removed the dead soldiers. Chewed remains were all we found near these holes. Inside the city, we found practically all the ice torn up in this manner, and broken bones littered the ground. Inside the undamaged structures, however, the bodies of the slain were untouched. Pelmarco wonders if an ice monster might be surviving by eating the frozen bodies. It’s a frightening thought.

Obviously, the primary target of our exploration of the ruins was the tower, the tall black structure that still stands high above the rest of the desolate city. There was a staircase inside that wound up to the top. There were quite a few dead soldiers on the stairs, a few Red Exemplars, but mostly soldiers serving the Dark Lunari. Their bodies, untouched by anything alive, but exposed to the frigid climate unlike those forever entombed in ice, were black with age.

At the top of the staircase, two great doors were ajar, giving us access to the chamber at the top of the tower, most likely the ancient lair of the Dark Lunari Mathol. Directly inside were the bodies of two Red Exemplars. One of the men was dressed as most of the other Red Exemplars, but the other man was no doubt the captain, and missing his armband. Pelmarco said the man the Lunari chose to rebuild the Red Exemplars took the armband.

Pelmarco picked up the captain’s sword and examined the fine artisanship. It was too fine a prize to leave behind, and I believe he wants to rearm the Red Exemplars with ornate armaments as they used back then. He took the faded red banner from the captain’s back, and wrapped it around the sword to protect it.

The room was bare, and I didn’t find anything of interest to take. Niahla’Sen found some ancient manuscripts. Most of them crumbled at her touch, but she managed to collect several intact. I think she plans to take them back to the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar to see if there’s anything useful written on them. After rummaging through a few buildings, we returned to the camp. Nazada is large enough that it will take several days to explore.