Ranthe 20, 5678

Never will there be a more disturbing scene than Nazada and the barren field of ice before it. Two major battles and innumerable skirmishes were fought on this frozen land in times long past. Soldiers beyond number fought, bled, and died in this cruel land. The black tower, still standing in the center of the ruined ancient city, casts a malevolent shadow across the valley, the ice already darkened by the blood spilled millennia ago.

We stopped tonight in what obviously was the encampment of Great King Emanpugnikam and his army so long ago. Even here, not even to the field of battle, the horrors we find defy description. Those who died in that final battle or soon after were never buried. The remains, blackened by time, are frozen and preserved, a ghastly memorial of ages past. Fear still lingered in the wide, lifeless eyes of a frozen man Niahla’Sen discovered hiding inside one of the ruined structures, bearing witness to the horrors he experienced long ago. We can only imagine the chaos of that final battle, but one thing is certain: this man saw it happen.

It was strange that we could only find one Lunari fire remaining in this camp. It was in the center of a round wall in the center of the camp, hidden by drifts of ice and snow. The structure probably had a tent roof long ago, but the canvas was long gone. We used our own canvas to reconstruct the tent, leaving us with a warm shelter. The horses are munching up the iceberries near the fire as fast as they can. I hope they leave enough for us. I might end up picking a bunch just so we have enough stocked up.

Tomorrow we plan to go the rest of the way to Nazada. It’s not too far to walk, but Pelmarco says we have to take the horses so we can see Nazada the way the Red Exemplars saw Nazada during the battle. In preparation, he pulled out the red cloth he purchased years back at Ar Tahed, and cut it in half. The first half he tied around my left bicep, and the other half he tied around Niahla’Sen’s left bicep. We have the honor of seeing the final resting place of the Red Exemplars who fought in this battle, and will ride to Nazada wearing their color.