Ranthe 2, 5679

As usual, Dawn is correct. By noon today, we could see a cloud of dust on the horizon behind us, the sign of horsemen. We made sure to hide at the top of a hill away from the road, just in case they weren’t friendly. We soon learned who was chasing us. Pelmarco and the Red Exemplars rode into sight, their red banners waving in the breeze, their new armor glistening in the sun. There was no need for us to hide.

Tonight is an interesting night. Encamped with the Red Exemplars after six months alone in the wilderness is a nice change, except perhaps for Dawn. Their new armor is bronze, and expertly engraved with the same style of ornamentation found on the Red Exemplar sword taken from Nazada. The unit seems more cohesive than previously, no doubt because of Pelmarco’s training. I think the person most excited by their presence is Kellon. I think he’s starting to feel inspired to write his own book.

Pelmarco told us the reason they caught up with us was he could only teach the unit so much while in Torheem. By bringing them into the wilderness on a long, hard march to catch up with us, he’s managed to bring the unit together in ways he could not if they’d remained garrisoned. He also believed the Red Exemplars would face more tests joining my expedition than if they remained behind. They left Torheem about a month after Kellon. When we mentioned our plan to go back to Razhinoch, Pelmarco’s eyes lit up. He believes the jungle is the type of challenge that would really benefit the Red Exemplars.

I told Pelmarco about our encounter with the Dark Lunari. He was surprised we chose to brave the thorns, and said he’d never heard of anyone else who did it. Others who travel through these lands know the area, but everyone else, including the Red Exemplars, chooses to travel around the thorns and not through them. Learning of the secret lair of the Dark Lunari made him thankful he’d never taken the challenge of traveling through the thorns.