Ranthe 16, 5679

Since we’re traveling along the road we took from Kaluna almost two years ago, we came to the place where we were attacked back then. Pelmarco and I went to check on the compound where we defeated and captured the criminals. Weeds grew rampant in the courtyard, and no one rebuilt the house. No one had returned, at least from what we could see, so either we got all the criminals the first time, or Tilendru managed to capture any others who might have been using the compound.

Sometime recently, Pelmarco must have decided the bow is a viable weapon for the Red Exemplars to master. Tonight he had me provide several Red Exemplars with preliminary training since they’re currently only taught to use swords and spears. Tomorrow I expect them to start crafting their own bows and arrows. Once the Red Exemplars have several fine archers in their ranks, I expect Pelmarco will begin to work on strategies and tactics that utilize the new weapons. I asked Pelmarco if the Red Exemplars ever had archers in the past. He answered that it was possible, but he wasn’t certain. Most, if not all, Red Exemplars are soldiers handpicked from the frontlines of major battles. They are valiant warriors who strike fear into the hearts of their opponents, men willing to stand against any odds. Archers, however, usually stay toward the flanks and rear of armies, so they are rarely in the midst of battles.

Throughout most of Etnyben, one will find publes, a small flower with four blue petals and four violet petals. Niahla’Sen told us she needed to collect just the blue petals for the recipe. Picking a large quantity of petals is a tedious task. Picking just certain colors of them is daunting. When Pelmarco learned of this, he sent half the Red Exemplars searching for publes, and collecting the blue petals. We should have a very large quantity of the blue petals by the time we reach Kaluna. I wonder if there are any other good uses for the petals. If so, perhaps we could also collect the violet petals, and sell them.