Ranthe 12, 5679

Despite having all the horses of the Red Exemplars, and a few extras, our rate of travel is not increasing very much. For now, we’re using the horses as pack animals, and walking beside them. It’s easier on the horses since they aren’t driven to travel as fast, and it’s easier on us since we don’t need to carry all our supplies. Pelmarco did send two Red Exemplars riding ahead of us, and said we probably won’t see them until we reach Kaluna. Several other Red Exemplars are out hunting or obtaining other supplies. My expedition once again has a military escort, which is an odd change after it being just the three or four of us for so long.

The Red Exemplars don’t seem to harbor as much suspicion toward Dawn as before. I’m not sure if Pelmarco softened his attitude toward Huvudets, or if it’s his response after learning what the Lunari told us of Dawn fulfilling prophecy. I noticed several Red Exemplars engaging Dawn in conversation as we travelled today, and tonight she painted a picture for one of them. I didn’t ask, but I think it specifically depicted that man’s story. It’s nice to see her making new friends, but I doubt I would be too interested in painting a picture each time I met someone new. If she keeps it up, she’ll soon run out of parchment, and I’m not giving her more of mine if she plans to give it away.

Kellon is greatly relieved that we now have the Red Exemplars with us. He is taking advantage of the extra horses, and riding so he doesn’t need to walk. He also doesn’t need to continue learning how to hunt, since the Red Exemplars are taking care of food. Niahla’Sen teased Kellon and called him lazy.

It’s nice having Pelmarco back with us, even though he brought fifty Red Exemplars with him. He started giving me more swordsmanship training. Either my skills lessened from lack of use, or his improved. I haven’t managed to land a single blow on him yet.