Ranthe 12, 5678

Today we passed either over the South Pole or very close to it. There was one of the marker stones along the way, which was actually more of a monument than just a marker, with an inscription claiming it to be the point at the bottom of the world. This is significant because it means we are nearing Nazada. The arrow on the monument that pointed toward Nazada was marked with eight days instead of a nura measurement.

I found a shield and helmet along the way, no doubt discarded by a solder fleeing the white plague long ago. The items were remarkably well preserved, but that’s probably because of the permanent freeze in this region. Despite the frost, it never gets a chance to tarnish. Niahla’Sen thinks we’ll find many more artifacts and relics as we continue closer to Nazada. I can only imagine what Elendra’Tel would think if she were to visit this place.

The horses can’t seem to eat enough of the iceberry plants. Grazing is the first thing they always do when we stop for a rest. I think they’re getting enough food, but that doesn’t prevent them from eating more and more. The rest of us snack on the foods we brought, dried meats, nuts, and similar items that don’t perish over long trips. We’re still drinking the iceberry juice mixed with water, and are now able to stomach larger quantities of the stuff. It must be an acquired ability to eat the stuff, at least for people. Can Barbidons eat raw iceberries?