Ranthe 1, 5679

I spent the first day of last year braving the frigid climate at the bottom of the world. This New Year day, the weather is hot, which our nearness to the equator exasperates. It’s summer here in the southern hemisphere, and I’m still not sure if I’ve grown accustomed to having the seasons at the opposite times of the year yet.

On this day last year, I was wondering about my family back in Sodoo. Kellon apparently passed through Bagda on his way here, and inquired about their wellbeing, hoping his report to me about their condition might influence my decision regarding the book deal he offered me. My parents, as of that time, were doing well, and my sister, Jaka’Len, was married and pregnant. Barring any unfortunate circumstances, I should be an uncle by now. I hope I am able to return home in the next few years, and once again see all the people I left behind.

I’m not sure if Kellon is improving with the bow or not. He’s lost three of my arrows, broke six more, and doesn’t usually hit the target. It might take him a few months of practice before he becomes a decent archer, but he’s going to need to start providing his own arrows. I showed him how to tie fletching onto the shaft, so once he masters the technique, he can make his own. Niahla’Sen is a different story. Using her arcane powers, there is no way she can miss the target, even if she shoots the opposite direction. She said it was a very complex demonstration of her powers, and that most Sisterhood operatives would not go hunting using this method. A more practical use of the arcane power is to deflect incoming arrows, not ensure they hit the target.

Dawn announced tonight that we’ll encounter a large band of people tomorrow. How can she know such things? There is no smoke, campfires, clouds of dust, or any other signs of people on the horizon.