Pelthe 4, 5679

We’re heading straight north from Kaluna, which is not quite my original plan to travel northwest. This change is because Dawn claims traveling northwest would lengthen our travel time. We should reach the river we’ll follow to Razhinoch in about a month, and then probably take another two months to actually reach the village. The caravan of horses carrying the potted plants moves slower than if they were ridden, but we’re still progressing at a decent rate.

The hardest part of our travels is caring for the potted elada plants we’re taking. They need to be watered daily, loaded and unloaded from the horses, kept free of bugs that would eat the leaves, and weeded daily.

Pelmarco now has twelve of the Red Exemplars trained to use bows, and they purchased plenty of arrows while in Kaluna. These aren’t the standard hunting arrows with the broad point, but have narrow wartime points, capable of puncturing through lightweight armors. They still function well enough for hunting, but are more expensive than the usual arrows. However, despite the efficiency of using arrows when hunting, the Red Exemplars seem to continue using their spears. The ability to accurately throw a spear and hit a moving target is a skill they need to be proficient at doing. Hunting in that manner provides them with adequate practice.

I managed to talk to Dawn about the issue that came up last week in Kaluna. It seems we have a mutual attraction to each other, and are only now beginning to realize it. The fact that she is a Huvudet further complicates the matter. If we encounter the Lunari again and they don’t say anything to the contrary, we’ll take that as permission to pursue a deeper relationship. Overall, I think it’s a touchy subject, and inappropriate content for my journal.

I once again asked Niahla’Sen what purpose brought her back to this land. I know she’s continuing with us for the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar, but I’m still very curious. As usual, she refused to answer, claiming it was a personal matter. I’ll eventually learn her secret, but she’s managed to keep it a secret for quite some time now.