Pelthe 26, 5678

Prince Nomolo, my name is Pelmarco, the Red Exemplar who accompanied Josloy from Perduva Rosla. A strange illness incapacitated Josloy and a Huvudet who must have followed us discreetly for a considerable amount of the past year. Because Josloy cannot write in his journal at this time, and I know you commanded him to do so, I will endeavor in his absence to explain his return to us.

As mentioned in Josloy’s final entries, an ice monster attacked us at Nazada on the 23rd of Ranthe. It took Josloy, while Niahla’Sen and I escaped. I am a Red Exemplar, but I am not one to take foolish risks. We sadly left Josloy to his fate, and quickly hastened from Nazada. Without Josloy, the purpose of this expedition was lost. Our journey north from Nazada was long and sad. The two of us barely made it back to warmer latitudes alive, and endeavored to reach Mazin.

Two days ago, on the 24th of Pelthe, we found the Red Exemplars searching for us. They heard of our intent to eventually visit Nazada and my need to find them, so they came looking for us. We are still encamped in this place, as Niahla’Sen and I are still regaining our health after our months in the freezing wasteland. We planned to start travelling to Mazin tomorrow.

Today, however, a cry rang out. An ice monster approached our camp, obviously far from its home on the ice. The Red Exemplars took up defensive positions, but the ice monster did not come near enough to antaganize. It held up two bodies, and then placed them gently on the ground. Alerted to this, I ordered four Red Exemplars to secure the bodies and bring them back to the camp. It was Josloy and the Huvudet woman. They were still alive, but barely. They require considerable care.

I am still unsure what to do about the ice monster. It sits some distance away, as if waiting for something. I don’t think I could figure out the picture language Josloy wrote about, so I cannot talk to it. However, the ice monster seemed to consider Josloy and the Huvudet woman worth saving. Perhaps they will know how to talk to it when they recover.