Pelthe 10, 5679

We’ve left behind most of the signs of civilization to be found in the countryside surrounding Kaluna. We passed the last farm in the region early today, and will not have any roads from here to Razhinoch. If, perchance, we happen across anyone else this far from civilization, it probably means they’re reclusive or unpredictable, or maybe up to no good. Of course, there is also the possibility of discovering a lost town or village as we’ve done on previous occasions, but that too is very unlikely. If anything, we’ll probably just find ruins as we’ve found in so many other places throughout this great land.

Pelmarco must have told several of the Red Exemplars about the meal of ant eggs and honey flies that Rar and Krista’Mil once fed us. Several of the Red Exemplars prepared the meal today, and didn’t tell the others what it was until after they’d eaten. The looks on their faces as the most elite soldiers in the world learned what they’d eaten were priceless. I too had some of the food, but only to prove I could eat it without making a face. Of course, the Red Exemplars are not to be outdone. They ended up all going back for seconds. I’m curious how the Red Exemplars managed to get into the ant nests without the telefs knocking them over. I can’t imagine they dug into the nests, since the many ants would have overwhelmed them in seconds. They must have devised a technique I haven’t considered.

I’ve noticed that Kellon is spending a lot of time interviewing Pelmarco. I think Kellon accepts that I will not sell my story to him, and now plans to write a book about this expedition with information obtained from Pelmarco. I overheard them tonight, and suggested that Kellon ask how Pelmarco broke his arm as we traveled along the shore of Lake Icavor. Pelmarco grinned at my suggestion, and said some things are best left to speculation. Unfortunate for Kellon, none of the three Sisterhood operatives who might know the truth of the matter is currently with us. He’ll need to wait at least until we free Tora’Sor before he can ask someone else who was there.