Nalil 2, 5678

In the past three days, I saw more Lunari than in the entire rest of my life. Considering the Lunari officially remain in solitude at their fortress at Iswa, this is impressive.

Zhethou arrived early today, and was very unhappy about us finding our way into the stronghold of the Dark Lunari. She scolded us for being careless in our travels, but softened her stance when I asked if she had a map to show us such places to avoid. In most cases, the Lunari would not fight to protect innocent travelers. However, our case is different. The Dark Lunari know of our purpose in prophecy, and would not merely kill us as other trespassers. They would capture and try to make us their servants, twisting prophecy to meet their own dark designs. The battle was to keep this from happening. We are fortunate the Lunari had the foresight to protect us from the moment we decided to brave the thicket of thorns. Had they delayed their departure from Iswa until we reached the place we should not go, they would have arrived days too late. Zhethou, however, had business elsewhere in this land, and was not among those who fought.

Zhethou did something to Methou, causing the large wound to fade. This was a major battle, but the war of the Lunari will continue until no Lunari are left. Zhethou and Methou then departed from sight, headed for Iswa. I expect Methou will always have a scar from that grievous wound.

As for us, we are safe for the moment. We have to follow this path for several days to leave the tangle of thorns and the secrets it hides. There are no Dark Lunari pursuing us, but when the other Dark Lunari awaken and discover what happened here, the world will no doubt feel their wrath. I sincerely hope that time comes later than sooner.

Despite learning that we cannot use the previous recipe, we still plan to stop by the Huvudet cave where Dawn believes she can figure it out. She also plans to do some painting when we pass through that area.