Nalil 17, 5678

When you’re surrounded by unscrupulous Barbidons and don’t have the means to adequately defend yourself, it’s better to feign ignorance and escape than seek justice. Niahla’Sen was correct. Vogreth was hiding something; we’re just not sure what it is. The problem started when Dawn was caught wandering aimlessly through the commune. The Barbidons brought her back to our room, and demanded none of us leave until morning. Later we overheard some conversation uncharacteristic of honorable Barbidons trying to make new drinks.

With Niahla’Sen unable to use her arcane powers, our only option was to find a way to leave. Logically, the easiest way out was to wait until morning, and depart as guests. We did this, and although Vogreth amicably wished us well on our journey, we could detect a slight uneasiness in the commune. We’ll probably never know what was happening in that place. I asked Niahla’Sen if the proximity to the lair of the Dark Lunari might be a factor, but she dismissed that as being entirely coincidental. She believes the Barbidons are nothing more than common criminals.

Dawn gathered more duck eggs today. They’re great when cooked, and there are an abundance of ducks nesting in the area. It’s when the eggs are mixed, shell and all, into a drink that makes me want to gag. I asked about her one-egg rule, so tonight she drew a picture to explain. I think I was expecting something a little less detailed and easier to understand. It has something to do with ducks being bad with numbers. They might notice if several eggs went missing, but not if only one goes missing.

It stopped raining for now, and I hope it keeps from raining for quite some time. The ground will be muddy for several weeks because of the rain it’s already had to absorb. More rain would just exasperate the situation. The hardest part right now is camping. There is no dry ground to sleep on, so we need to construct shelters that are somewhat more complex. I think people would pay to learn how we string up hammocks in a tent!