Nalil 16, 5678

Frequent rains throughout the past week left the ground muddy and difficult for travel. To make it even harder, Niahla’Sen is still recovering from Methou taking the essence of her arcane powers, and cannot do the things she used to do. She cannot use her powers to turn the mud to a solid, icy path, or burn her way through a thicket. Initially, she was unable to use any of her powers, but now she is beginning to regain those abilities. She managed a few small sparks today to start a fire partway through the day, a good start on her recovery. At least I know her arcane powers won’t be attracting any darkened Awa anytime soon.

Our lunch today consisted of duck eggs. We kept our eyes open for the nesting birds as we traveled along one of the offshoots of the Toram River. Dawn said we’re only allowed to take one egg per nest, but since there were plenty of nests, it wasn’t a problem. I’m curious why she has the one-egg rule. Would taking more than one egg from a nest have a detrimental effect on the ducks?

Tonight we found a small Barbidon establishment out here in the middle of the wilderness. Vogreth, the Barbidon in charge, claimed the place was a commune dedicated to the development and perfection of new regional beverages for exportation to Sarda. They gave us a room for the night, along with a hearty meal, fresh drinks, and entertainment. The meal was normal, with meats, vegetables, and several sweetened pastries afterward. The drinks, however, were obviously a new concoction they haven’t mastered. Whoever decided duck egg wine was a good idea needs kicked out of this commune, and sent back to Sarda. The drink was gross and crunchy, and after learning what it was, I couldn’t handle it. This is worse than Krista’Mil and the honey flies.

Niahla’Sen doesn’t think this place is what Vogreth claims. She said if the commune truly were dedicated to perfecting drinks, they’d have tried impressing us with something as close to perfect as possible. I guess she has the impression that Vogreth is hiding something. Why are they so near the Dark Lunari? How would we learn their secrets?