Nalil 1, 5678

It was still dark this morning when a Light Lunari stumbled into our camp. It bore a grievous wound from the battle, a deep, dark slash across its bright torso, and requested assistance. How does one assist a Lunari? They are different from us, composed of a substance not of our world. There is no medicine or doctor capable of such a task. Niahla’Sen claimed she might have the power to help, but did not know how. The Lunari weakly took Niahla’Sen’s hand, and held it to its chest. Small droplets of a purplish substance began to seep from Niahla’Sen, flowing into the light of the Lunari. Niahla’Sen looked frightened, but she could not halt the process. Sweat flowed down her face until it was over.

The Lunari stayed with us throughout the day. The essence of Niahla’Sen’s arcane powers would sustain it until another Lunari came to his aid. We learned the Lunari is Methou, sister of Zhethou. She was the only survivor of yesterday’s battle. When I asked, she listed Nethozokh among the fallen, but assured us it was an honor to give his life for the fulfillment of prophecy. Methou now awaits the arrival of Zhethou, who will take her back to Iswa and the other Light Lunari resting there.

To pass the time, we discussed a great many things with Methou. She is more forthcoming about things that Zhethou kept hidden. Dawn and I are to be a partial fulfillment of prophecy, which I’d already guessed. Niahla’Sen will find something she desperately seeks for in this land, which is probably the closest I’ll ever get to learning why Niahla’Sen is still part of my expedition. When I asked if Methou understood the final glyph of the recipe Tora’Sor gave me, she declared it would not work as intended, and absolutely refused to tell us why. If we ever learn the secret of the recipe, she said it’s impossible for us to obtain the final ingredient. Methou demanded a blank sheet of parchment, and gave us a new recipe. She said we could use it to free Tora’Sor, but any others were hostages too long for it to work. When she mentions hostages, does she mean there are more than just Tora’Sor and the other woman we saw? Fortunately, Niahla’Sen seems to understand how the new recipe works. I guess we’re going back to Razhinoch.