Nalil 1, 5677

There is a great chain of islands that stretches far across the sea connecting this great land to Bagda and the lands near it. We’re now passing the place where these islands reach Etnyben. Some of the islands are large enough a telef would take several days to cross them, while others are too small for even a hut. However, we’re not going wading out into the sea to visit any of the nearby islands. The water is probably too deep for the telefs, not to mention, they don’t like seawater the way they enjoy the freshwater of the rivers. I also expect telefs would appear very appetizing to any passing na’karden. I imagine one of those gigantic sea monsters would probably only require two or three bites to finish off a telef, something none of us wants to witness.

This region of Etnyben where it meets the chain of islands is rugged. Rocks and hills keep us from taking as straight a path as we normally take. It also means we’re passing out of the Icavor River region and back into the Toram River region. It’s winter in the southern hemisphere again, so I’m wondering how the telefs will take the colder weather as we continue further south. We’re still in fairly warm latitudes, but that will certainly change by the time we reach Torheem.

Niahla’Sen had some problems with Gair today. He wasn’t very cooperative, although he did calm down when Pelmarco walked beside him and started singing. He sang one of Rar’s oddly colorful songs, although he changed the words slightly to fit the situation. Niahla’Sen was impressed when the other telefs began bellowing. Either the telefs like the familiar voice of Pelmarco since he’s been with them longer, or they prefer the jungle songs that Rar sang instead of the songs from civilized parts of the world. It’s interesting to see how the telefs have preferences just like people, even if they’re not intelligent enough to realize it themselves.