Kilil 5, 5678

Progress is slow when you have to walk. When we had the telefs, we could easily travel three or four times as far each day. We stopped at a small village tonight. The name of the place is Erlindrem, and the inhabitants are very hospitable. It’s also not very crowded, so Dawn is somewhat more comfortable than she was in Torheem. However, there are more reasons than just the number of people that makes Dawn comfortable here.

When we entered Erlindrem, several people waved and greeted Dawn by her given name, Vanta’Zar. She explained that while she was searching for other Huvudets, she became quite ill while in this region, and staggered into the town. An old spinster named Thella’Til took Dawn into her house, cared for her, and nursed her back to health. We’re staying with Thella’Til tonight. She is very pleased to learn Dawn is doing well, and I expect the two will be catching up most of the night. Niahla’Sen is also enjoying the conversation.

While the three women gossiped about whatever obscure, random topics women like to gossip about, I went down to the tavern. It wasn’t very busy, but I still managed to get some good conversation. I overheard a conversation about the Dark Magicians, and how it seemed they weren’t a threat anymore. I asked the man, whose name was Imrokem, what evidence he had to support such a claim, and he said it was the lack of fighting over the past few decades. I suggested he go visit the fortress of the Dark Magicians for himself, because I have been there and know the Dark Magicians are just as much a threat as always. I then went on to tell of my journey thus far, the many places I’ve been, and the many things I’ve done. Imrokem was apparently a good orator, and managed to provide some good counter arguments, regardless of how incorrect they might have been. When I decided to return to Thella’Til’s, he told me to contact him if the Great King ever needed to form an army, and he would convince many men from all the towns and villages within a hundred nura to join. I let him know I would make note of his offer.