Kilil 30, 5678

After three days in this thick tangle of thorns, Niahla’Sen announced that she sensed an evil presence ahead of us. She urged us to turn back, but I’m not the type to change course simply because a woman had a bad feeling. We pressed on, and soon discovered a wide clearing centered on a large depression shaped like an inverted pyramid, and lined with black rock. Two crescent pillars jutted up out from the edges of the hole.

As we stared down into the structure in front of us, a feeling of dread swept over us. We were not supposed to be there. The thorns we braved were a warning we ignored. Only one other structure in the world has similar features, and it too is off limits to most visitors. The perversion we now faced, the foundation of the darkest superstitions and nightmares, was none other than the fabled lair of the Dark Lunari, the antithesis of Iswa and the Light Lunari resting there. There is no escape from such a place. We sealed our fates the moment we chose to brave the thorns.

No fewer than ten shadowy figures, featureless and dark, slowly climbed up from their abode, and spread out to surround us while keeping their distance, herding us around the clearing. The foul threats they uttered I cannot repeat. Surrounded, Niahla’Sen and I trembled, and fell to our knees. Dawn remained standing, oddly defiant, demanding that the foul monsters return to their slumber. They would not retreat, and we could not escape.

A warm, blinding light surrounded us, and a voice told us not to fear; they would save us. A strong hand helped me to my feet, and several of the Light Lunari pushed us back toward the edge of the clearing. I watched as the Dark Lunari retreated toward their structure to regroup. Battle was brewing, and the three of us who wandered into this place of abomination were its cause. The powers of a Lunari opened a wide path for us through the thorns. We heard the order to flee, and fled. I looked back once. The battle was quick and terrible. Lunari from both sides died today.

Fatigued from our escape, we now rest, camped in the midst of this path, hoping soon to leave this pernicious thicket.