Kilil 27, 5678

Most of our traveling at this point is straight through uncharted wilderness, although we wouldn’t know if it was charted since we don’t have a map of this region, and I don’t recall paying much attention to this portion of Etnyben when I looked over Zhethou’s map. That means we never quite know what we’re going to find. Around midday today, we realized we’d entered an area thickly overgrown with thorny bushes, and the slightest movement could snag and tear our clothes. We could not see a way around the area, which meant our only option was to brave the thorns. Some of these thorns are barbed and as long as my hand, making them exceptionally dangerous and difficult to remove. Rather than risk injury using my sword to hack a path through the thick bushes, Niahla’Sen used her arcane powers to burn a path for us. I don’t expect she’ll reach the limits of her powers like Tora’Sor did on the road to Sehol. Niahla’Sen claims burning a path isn’t much effort, so she won’t wear herself out.

We’ve been traveling through this patch of thorns the rest of the day, with no end in sight. Obtaining food in this area is also difficult. How can I hunt when I can’t get through the thorns? How can anything worth hunting live in here? Dawn thought differently. Rather than try finding food living among the thorns, she climbed a tree to get above the thorns. We ended up roasting several plump birds tonight. Dawn’s ability to devise alternate methods of obtaining food almost reminds me of Rar.

Even more interesting is how Dawn hunts the birds. I offered her the use of my bow, but she declined. Instead, she cut a few of the longer thorns, and fashioned darts from them. She seemed to know what she was doing, so I asked if she’d passed through the thorns in her previous travels. She explained that she found the area once, but decided to travel around it. It was during that time that she made her first darts. Actually being able to use the darts is a different story. It took her quite some time to be able to get them to fly straight.