Kilil 17, 5677

The problem with me trying to diagnose Mo’Amu’s condition has to do with me being a man and not a woman. I mentioned the symptoms to Niahla’Sen, and after a quick glance at Mo’Amu, she announced the telef was pregnant. I would have never guessed it. I know she mated with Gair almost a year ago, but I think I was expecting any possible results to begin showing much sooner. These are massive beasts; if Mo’Amu is only now beginning to show the effects of pregnancy, I wonder how long their gestation period is.

Learning that Mo’Amu is pregnant also leaves me with many questions. Do I need to treat her any differently than the way I’ve been treating her so far? Since all I do is ride her each day, should I stop riding her and use a different telef? Would she even permit me to do such a thing? This is a time when I wish Rar hadn’t gone with Krista’Mil to Atalan. He would probably know what to do.

I told Pelmarco about the campfire I saw last night. He said it wasn’t worth worrying about; Huvudets wouldn’t survive my sword. He thinks it’s most likely whoever is out there is friendly, whether they’re a Huvudet or not. However, he did make a good point. Considering how fast we’ve traveled with the telefs, it shouldn’t be possible for anyone to be following us this long. They would need to keep running almost all day every day. Someone might manage to keep up with us for few days perhaps, but certainly not months. With that in mind, whoever had the campfire must be a local, perhaps a young boy out hunting or trying his luck at survival. We’ll probably never know.