Kilil 16, 5677

We passed through the coastal town of Yaratuk today, or more precisely, we went around it. With two uncontrolled telefs, there’s no way we can take them through any town or village anymore. Pelmarco and Niahla’Sen decided to go into town, leaving me with the telefs. They will probably not return until tomorrow morning. I managed to kill a small deer, and spent some time cooking it for supper.

Mo’Amu appears fatigued. She is doing far less wandering at night, and much more eating, often having Gair push down the trees for her. I think she is getting bigger, although it’s difficult to tell since she’s already such a large beast. I’m not sure what her problem might be. She’s not sick, but she’s not quite what she used to be. I guess I just don’t know enough about telefs to make a proper diagnosis. Maybe it has something to do with there not being any of the anthills for them to enjoy in this area. If I am correct with my guess about the ants’ purpose for cleaning, then perhaps that type of cleaning is necessary for telefs to remain healthy. However, no other telef appears affected, so I’m probably wrong about that.

There is a small campfire about half a nura west from where I am camped tonight. I investigated it the moment I spotted the smoke, but didn’t see anyone there. I also didn’t get any replies when I called out to anyone who might be in the area. I put out the campfire, but it seems it’s been rekindled since then. Someone is out there, and just doesn’t want to be found by me. If I took the time, I could probably track the person, but that would leave all our stuff unguarded. Even stranger, some of the equipment I found near the campfire appeared primitive by Rar’s standards. Perhaps there are Huvudets in the area, although I thought this part of the land was largely explored and civilized. I’ll mention it to Pelmarco and Niahla’Sen tomorrow. Maybe it’s the person from the painted cave; the same person we never found. The thought of someone following us all this way is almost scary.