Kilil 14, 5678

We’re camped by a river tonight, and had fish for dinner. Dawn caught them for us using her unusual methodology. It’s the middle of winter, but that didn’t stop her from removing her boots, and wading barefoot into the river. She says the fish are sluggish this time of year, so they aren’t difficult for her to catch. It’s amusing watching her rush back after each catch to warm her feet by the fire. I hope she doesn’t get sick from the cold. I’m unsure if Dawn’s strange methods of doing things is common to all Huvudets, or if it’s the result of her living alone for so many years. Perhaps it’s a combination of both reasons.

Niahla’Sen is convinced we should have obtained horses in Torheem. Walking is such a slow means of travel, and she believes horses would not be too much of an expense. Even if horses were too expensive, she said Pelmarco would not hesitate to give us three. I tend to disagree; I think Pelmarco would give us horses, but that does not mean we should accept everything people give us. Sometimes it’s better to go without luxuries like horses, or give a proper reimbursement when you get them. Dawn said she misses her horse; the one Grrerrgkzh ate at Nazada. It was probably her only companion over the past few years.

I think it will be a long night. After dinner, the temperature dropped considerably, and the wind increased its fury. We should be fine so long as no trees blow over onto us, but after seeing several large trees fall nearby, it’s a bit worrisome. Considering this is the winter weather in this land, it’s probably a good thing we didn’t bring the telefs this far south until last springtime. I doubt they would fare well in this cold and snow.