Jurthe 6, 5678

Pelmarco finally addressed the Red Exemplars and told them the commands of Zhethou. There was no fight over him taking the place of their former captain. Instead, their former captain will act as an assistant to Pelmarco. Without any immediate battles to fight against the Dark Magicians since the campaigne of the previous Great King three decades ago, the Red Exemplars have lost their cohesion. They are still the world’s elite soldiers, but their discipline is waning. Pelmarco’s purpose is to train them to be as the Red Exemplars of old, and to train their captain to lead instead of just giving orders.

I made sure I asked why there wasn’t a fight for the captaincy of the Red Exemplars. The former captain, a formidable man called Yolo, no doubt named after one of the Great Kings by that name, explained that Pelmarco had something none of the current Red Exemplars had---experience. He will be as a father to the unit, a figurehead to correct their deficiencies. I could not determine if Yolo had any disdain about his demotion or not. I told him that one day he would be a great hero because of Pelmarco’s training.

The consensus in this Red Exemplar camp is that Dawn cannot be trusted. She is a Huvudet, and slightly different from us. She also tracked us for almost a year, and people with such ability tend to be dangerous even if they are only a young woman. Pelmarco heard the Huvudet mythology and remembers the painting in the cave that depicted us with the telefs, and said he’s currently undecided about her. Niahla’Sen, however, thinks we should leave behind anyone as mysterious as Dawn. Many of the Red Exemplars feel the same way. I don’t think any of them met a Huvudet before, so their suspicious attitude toward outsiders is doubled for her. I, however, am not averse to her presence. She kept Grrerrgkzh from eating me, and nursed me back to health. She also claims to know the place I need to explore. It is difficult for me to know what to do. I trust Dawn, but my other companions do not. Can they be trusted not to harm her?