Jurthe 17, 5678

If I had the authority, I would wipe Mazin off the map. Pelmarco requested the town provide the Red Exemplars with an area to encamp for the night. The town gave permission for the Red Exemplars to camp in a nearby forest, but they are charging for use of the land. They are required to pay a certain fee per person sleeping on the land. To make it even worse, the officials in Mazin require the Red Exemplars to lease the land by the week, instead of just for the night they will stay there. To charge someone such an exorbitant fee for something as minor as spending a night is nothing short of robbery. The Red Exemplars could easily destroy the town and force their compliance, but Pelmarco refuses any such action. I think he has another plan for dealing with such arrogant fools.

On a more personal level, the people of Mazin think it’s amazing we returned from Nazada. I heard one person boast that no less than four teams assembled and departed to search for us so they could loot our remains. It was a mad race with lots of competition, but after spending several days south of the Antarctic Circle they gave up searching. I also heard that at least one team failed to return. There was also a rumor of a large monster with shaggy white fur heading north earlier this month. I decided not to tell them about Grrerrgkzh.

Niahla’Sen had to use her powers in Mazin today. At the first sight of Dawn, the townsfolk decided she was an evil enemy of some sort. I’m not entirely sure what they wanted to do to Dawn, but they practically started a riot when we entered the town. Niahla’Sen wasn’t going to let anything happen to any of our traveling companions, no matter how much she dislikes them, so she used her arcane powers, in this case a stray bolt of lightning into the sky, to warn the people of Mazin to stay away. Dawn will be staying close to Niahla’Sen the rest of our stay in Mazin, however short it might be. I certainly hope we’re ready to leave tomorrow.