Jurdes 8, 5678

We passed through the small town of Japuta today. It’s small enough that there isn’t an inn, and the tavern was just a large room built adjacent to the only shop. Tonight we’re staying at the home of a friendly couple after spending some time at the tavern. It seems the biggest news in town involved a farmer several nura east of here spotting a large, white monster heading north about two months ago. While we know it was only Grrerrgkzh passing through the area on his journey to find other ice monsters, the local inhabitants are fearful the monster will turn up again. The amusing part is people keep the tale alive by claiming they spotted the monster more recently.

The latest tale was from a farmer who allegedly caught the monster feeding on his livestock two days ago, but it ran away the moment he challenged the monster. That’s not the Grrerrgkzh we know, so it must be something else. Dawn wants to try finding it, whatever it is, but Niahla’Sen and I would rather not go looking for obscure, wild animals while we’re trying to travel through the wilderness. I decided against telling anyone about Grrerrgkzh. The thought of an ice monster roaming the countryside could incite a panic, even if we assured it meant no harm to anyone.

The other news in the area was that the Red Exemplars were going to Nazada. There was much speculation in the village concerning this, and some people thought the Dark Magicians must have relocated to the cold, desolate place. We promptly killed this rumor. The Red Exemplars never went to Nazada, and are now at Torheem. The only reason the rumor even started was the Red Exemplars traveled south searching for someone they heard was planning to visit Nazada. There are no Dark Magicians at Nazada, just ancient ruins and the silent remains of the dead. I declined to tell the people in the tavern of the troubles we encountered there.