Jurdes 2, 5678

I would say it’s officially springtime here in the southern hemisphere. The temperature is still cool, but warmer than it’s been the past few months, although looking back, it’s been almost a year since I’ve been somewhere this warm. As the plants begin to grow, Niahla’Sen is starting to do something that seems habitual of all Sisterhood operatives: gathering plants. Fortunately, she seems very selective about which ones she collects, and only takes the very best samples she can find. I don’t expect her to collect a large quantity of plants. We have to carry all our supplies, so the extra weight is prohibitive.

Dawn says we are now three months from the Huvudet cave, and claims it’s a very exact estimation, down to the day. I have no idea how she can determine this without a map, and without having walked this way before. The last time she came this direction, she was riding a horse, or at least that’s what I’ve inferred from listening to her tales. I can usually guess my distances if I’ve studied a map and know the distances between landmarks I’ll pass, but I’m certainly not going to try making it so blatantly exact, especially when I’ve never been through here before. Even when I do make guesses, I’m rarely more accurate than a week or so unless it’s a short or well-traveled distance.

Niahla’Sen is quickly regaining her arcane powers after Methou drained her of those abilities to stay alive last month. She managed a weak bolt of lightning today, and was able to kill a large bird that we cooked and ate tonight. At this rate, she thinks she’ll be back to normal in another month or two.

I am finding it somewhat difficult to write tonight. I had a slight incident with my bow today, and cut two fingers on my right hand with the point of an arrow, which incidentally is why Niahla’Sen attempted using her arcane powers to kill the bird I was trying to shoot. The wounds are bandaged, but it means I won’t be hunting for awhile. It will probably be a few weeks before I can hunt again.